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Caral, the largest settlement in the Supe Valley, is 180 km north of Lima. Caral is a spread of land as big as 166 acres. Caral is considered the most ancient city of the Americas. It was a thriving metropolis that existed approximately the same time as the building of Egypt’s pyramids. When is was first discovered in 1948, little attention was given to the area because it seemed to lack artifacts sought out by Archaeologists. Caral contains 19 pyramids that span across the area. Caral appears to be the model for the design adopted by the Andean civilization. Many believe that Caral is of great importance because it may hold the answers to questions about the origins of Andean civilization and the development of the first cities. Caral reflects the rise of civilization in the Americas.

Caral is remarkably intact due to its early abandonment and late discovery. It is part of a cultural and natural landscape of great beauty. There is no argument about the authenticity of this site.

Built in 2001, Bello Horizonte is more than just a hotel- this intimate retreat in the serene and historic beaches of Supe serves as both a sanctuary and a base for exploring a distinctive region. Each of the 14 unique guest rooms reflect the surrounding area. Each offers its own pleasures, such as comfortable beds of varying sizes and stunning beach views. Awaken each morning to a 3-course gourmet breakfast, providing you with a simply delightful way to start your day.